LCCF Committee

C.T. Herman, Chair

Marta Davis, Vice-Chair

Donna Ralph, Secretary

Cathy Kalenian, Treasurer

Lori Adcock, M.D.

Gary Fisher

Karen Lansing

Carol McDonald

Mac McDonald

​Diane Primrose

​Linda Smith

​John Wilcynski

​​LCCF Scholarship Committee

Mac McDonald, Chair

Lori Adcock, M.D.

Jessie Groothuis, M.D.​​

The Las Campanas Community Fund (LCCF) has two funding programs: the Grants Program and the Scholarship Program. 

The Grants Program of LCCF supports nonprofit organizations which serve the Santa Fe County area in the fields of Education, and Health and Well-being.  Our commitment is made out of an awareness of the important work of the nonprofits in strengthening the Santa Fe Community’s financial and cultural health.

The Scholarship Program of LCCF awards funds for students who are children of employees and, beginning in 2014, for employees of The Club at Las Campanas.  Scholarship Funds cover tuition, fees, and/or books for study at a community college, vocational/technical schools, or a four-year university.  The Scholarships represent the strong commitment on the part of Las Campanas to education.  In 2017 this program was largely funded by the membership's buying of states during the USGA Tournament held at Las Campanas