Las Campanas Community Fund Scholarships

For those of you who have supported the Las Campanas Scholarship Program (and for future donors) we wanted to share a letter from one of this year’s 19 scholarship recipients.  All told, with your generosity, we were able to provide $61,934.81 to help 19 scholars in the 2017-2018 academic year.  This brings the total awarded since 2012 to over $234,000.  The recipients attended schools around the country including UNM, SFCC, NMSU, Texas Tech, SUNY at Cobleskill, and PIMA. 

John Baca, who was a part time employee in Agronomy for several years, just graduated from UNM with a BS in Chemical Engineering, and now plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in the same discipline..  He recently sent us the following letter which captures the positive influence Las Campanas and the Scholarship Fund, have had on him and his career.  His gratitude is well expressed in the letter which follows below.

“Having a job at Las Campanas was one of the most rewarding experiences, but what made Las Campanas so special was the astounding staff at the agronomy department. It truly felt like we were like a little family always cracking jokes, sharing food, and giving each other advice. The advice that I received from my co-workers changed my life, they always told me that with an education you can do anything in life. That you will fail a few times but if you continue to work hard and don’t give up on your dreams that you’ll reach your goals. Besides the advice and memories, I can never forget how truly generous the members are. I found this out first hand when I received a scholarship from Las Campanas Community Fund. I was so fortunate to receive a scholarship for two semesters and it relieved the financial stress that comes along with college. This allowed me to continue my study in the area of engineering and receive my degree. Ultimately Las Campanas helped me achieve my goal of a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in materials from the University of New Mexico. During my time in the undergraduate program, I became very passionate about the complexity and advancements in research of fuel cells. Mostly I enjoyed trying to understand the chemically complexity and the necessary materials needed to create a fuel cell. I also knew that if researchers could create an efficient fuel cell, that this could steer our energy needs away from fossil fuels. That’s why I decided to return to the University of New Mexico working on a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Also, I will be potentially working on a research opportunity at Los Alamos National Lab in the coming months working on computational modeling of catalysts, nanopore membranes, and ion implantation doping within a fuel cell. At the end of my M.S. in Chemical Engineering program, I hope to have a greater understanding of fuel cells and hopefully set out to change the world.  I could not be more thankful and grateful for the opportunities that Las Campanas has given me.

With utmost Gratitude,
John Baca

With your continued support we will be able to help more of these valuable employees and their children achieve their academic goals and pursue rewarding careers.  This years other recipients include Rene Arroyo, Margaret Deshler, Fernando Flores, Jason Lopez, Alma Borrego Martinez, Ximena de los Rios, Vanessa Sena, Gabriela Terrazas, Luis Terrazas, Matt Smith, Isiah Salazar, Jorge Morales, Karen Membrano, Anna Martinez, Angelia Herrera, Nohemy Bojorquez Flores, Eria Couleur and Wyatt Egelhoff.  Please congratulate them or their parents when you see them.

The Scholarship Committee would like to acknowledge Human Resource Director Carmen V. Chavez’s invaluable help in identifying and encouraging appropriate candidates.

Please keep supporting us and our fund raising activities so we can continue supporting them!!

The Club at Las Campanas Scholarship Committee

Mac McDonald, Chair, Lori Adcock M.D., and Jessie Groothuis, M.D.